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General Catalog Overview of Reznor HVAC Equipment
New Unit Heaters, Low Static, Axial Fan Includes new V3 Series Unit heaters with TCORE2 heat exchanger system
Unit Heaters Includes forced air fan and blower type gas heaters, electric and oil fired heaters
Radiant Heaters Includes low intensity, tubular infrared heaters and high intensity radiant heaters
Hydronic Unit Heaters Model WS horizontal/vertical hydronic unit heaters
Duct Furnaces Includes power-vented, gravity-vented and separated combustion duct furnaces
Packaged Heating Systems (Indoor Applications) Indoor indirect fired packaged heating and makeup air systems
Packaged Heating Systems (Outdoor Applications) Outdoor/rooftop indirect fired packaged heating and makeup air systems (with cooling coil options)
Indirect Fired, Ultra Capacity Systems 80% Efficient, Ultra Capcity, Side-by-Side, Outdoor/Indoor-Separated Combustion, Gas Fired Packaged Heating Units
Larger Indirect Fired Packaged Systems Includes large indoor, outdoor, rooftop and suspended packaged heating systems
Direct Fired Systems Includes vertical/horizontal, indoor/outdoor/rooftop direct fired heating and makeup air equipment
Air Turnover Systems Industrial Air Turnover (Recirculation) units for Indoor Applicaitons
Energy Recovery Equipment Includes energy recovery equipment for both latent and sensible heat recovery
Electric Heating Equipment Includes electric unit heaters, duct heaters, explosion resistant heaters, radiant and convection heaters, and steam/hot water boilers
Evaporative Cooling Evaporative Cooling Modules for use with outdoor makeup air units
Packaged Electric Cooling/Gas Heating Model PCCA/PCDA complete self contained, packaged HVAC unit
Model AHCA/AHDA Split System
Waste Oil Heating
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